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Screenshot Mac

Taking a screenshot is a great way of sharing that 'awe' moment on a video, a high score from a game, conversations on social media like Twitter or Facebook and even bugs you'd want to have fixed plus so much more. Os X makes it easy for you to take screen shots on mac; here is how to go about it;

Option #1 - Taking a screen shot of the entire Mac screen

Step 1: Open the app or window you'd want included in the screenshot.
Step 2: Arrange them exactly as you'd like them to appear
Step 3: Press the 'COMMAND', 'SHIFT' and 3'' buttons concurrently
Step 4: You'll hear a clicking sound then the screenshot appears on your desktop. It's in .png format with a title that looks something like Screen shot (Date+Time)
Step 5: You can open the screens shot with Preview and share it by simply double clicking on the image. o share it with another app, right click the image then select ''Open With a list of programs capable of performing that task will avail themselves. You can alternatively drag and drop it on the app.

Option #2 - Making a screenshot of a custom area of the mac screen

Step 1: Set up the apps or even windows you intend to take a screens shot of.
Step 2: Press the 'COMMAND', 'SHIFT' AND 3'' buttons at the same time.
Step 3: Place the cross-hair cursor that appears on the furthest end of the image, click and hold then drag the cross hairs to the opposite ends for example, from upper right to bottom of the left side.
Step 4: When you are satisfied by how your screenshot looks, release the mouse.
Step 5: A camera click is heard and your image is ready for viewing and sharing.

Option #3: How to take a screenshot of a specific window

Step 1: Open the program application or window you want a screenshot of.
Step 2: Press the 'COMMAND', 'SHIFT' and 4'' buttons concurrently. This temporarily converts the cursor into cross hairs
Step 3: Hit the space bar which also turns into a camera
Step 4: Move the camera cursor to the top of the window (if it's the right one, it will tint blue)
Step: Just like in the other cases, you can view the image via Preview or any other photo app of your choice by double clicking it or right clicking then choosing the 'Open with' option.

Option #4: How to take a screen shot directly on the Mac using Clipboard

Step 1: Ste up the app or windows as you'd love them to be
Step 2: Hit the 'COMMAND', 'SHIFT', 'CONTROL' AND 3 buttons all at the same time. This takes a screenshot of the entire Clipboard screen.
Step 3:Still pressing the above buttons with the exception of 3 (4 is used instead of 3 then hit the space bar).
Step 4:go to the photo or document editor and paste the screenshot there.
Step 5: On the program, save the screen shot using any name of your choice. You can then share it with friends.

That's how to make a screenshot on mac - share the good moments with friends using these simple techniques - show that high score or funny clip and do so much more.